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Urinary frequency is the need to urinate often.

urinary frequency

On average, most individuals urinate every 4-5 hours during the day. Urinary frequency is a condition in which individuals urinate more than average – both day and night. Frequency is not life threatening, but can negatively impact quality of life and lead to social isolation.

Frequency affects both men and women. Some of the factors that cause this condition are common between the sexes. Other triggers are unique to either male or female patients. In addition, this health concern is associated with other urologic conditions such as overactive bladder, urgent urination, urinary incontinence, and nocturia (making frequent trips to the restroom during the night). The best way to isolate the cause of frequency is to have a thorough evaluation by a urologist.

Causes of Urinary Frequency

There are many factors that can contribute to urinary frequency, whether a disease state, health condition, or lifestyle choice. Contributing factors may include:

Evaluation and Treatment

When visiting a urologist, baseline diagnostic tools will be utilized to isolate the cause of urinary frequency. The evaluation will include a thorough review of the patient’s personal and family history, an assessment of current symptoms, a physical examination, and a urinalysis. The urinalysis is useful in determining if an infection exists.

Based on evaluation outcomes, the urologist will be able to make treatment recommendations. If urinary frequency is related to a disease state, specific steps will be taken to address the condition, including referral to another specialist depending on the health concern.

Often times, conservative methods such as dietary modification (decrease caffeine) or fluid restriction will help lessen this bothersome condition. Medications are often prescribed when conservative measures fail and are effective in decreasing the frequency of urination. Outpatient surgery may be indicated in cases where there is a blockage and medications fail to resolve this condition (such as an enlarged prostate).

Because there is a wide range of treatment options, men and women do not have to live with the symptoms of urinary frequency. If you are experiencing frequent urination during the day and night, contact Urology Austin to schedule an evaluation.