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sperm granuloma

Post-vasectomy sperm granuloma

A vasectomy is a common male sterilization method that is performed by Urologists. During this procedure the vas deferens (attached to the testicles) are severed. Once cut, the two ends are cauterized or tied in order to prevent the passage of sperm. Over time, a sperm granuloma may form where the vas deferens have been cut.

What is a granuloma?

A sperm granuloma is a small mass or lump that may develop following a vasectomy. Essentially, the lump is an inflammation that is created by extravasated sperm. Extravasated means that the sperm leaks or is being forced out of the cut end of the vas deferens.

A granuloma is not cancerous or life-threatening. It may be painful and can be treated using over-the-counter anti-inflammatory /pain medication. If it causes unbearable discomfort, it may need to be surgically removed. However, they generally heal by themselves. Statistics suggest that between 15-40% of men may develop a granuloma post-vasectomy.

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