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Prostate cancer surgical treatment continues to improve with technology.

prostate cancer surgical treatment

Today prostate cancer surgical treatment has moved beyond the complete removal of the prostate gland. As technology continues to evolve, men diagnosed with prostate cancer now have several options to consider – whether a minimally invasive procedure or a more complex surgery.

An essential part of men’s urological care, is providing cutting edge, evidence-based and safe treatment options. Staying at the forefront of surgical research and technology has been a key priority for Urology Austin surgeons. It is our mission to provide the least invasive, most effective and comfortable treatment options for our patients, Urology Austin continually seeks out and incorporates new surgical approaches for the elimination of prostate cancer. Ultimately, the appropriate technique is guided by the cancer itself: the stage and grade, whether it remains in the prostate capsule, if it has penetrated the capsule and moved into adjoining organs or bone, if the cancer has metastasized throughout the body, and the aggressiveness of the cancer.

Prostate cancer surgical treatment

After a prostate cancer diagnosis, the urologist will devise a treatment plan with input from their patient. When choosing the best surgical option, the following factors will be taken into consideration:

  • How best to precisely remove or destroy the cancerous tumor.
  • Preservation of urinary control – maintaining urinary continence or minimizing the loss of control.
  • Maintaining the present state of impotency.
  • Minimization of post-operative pain.
  • Minimization of blood loss.
  • Quick return to normal activities.
  • Long-term outcomes.

Robotic assisted surgery

Traditional “open” surgery can be overly aggressive and cause unintentional side effects. As an alternative to open surgery, daVinci robotic surgery is available for men who meet certain criteria. Urology Austin surgeons are skilled in utilizing this enhanced technology to minimize risks and recovery time. This surgical approach is reduces the size of surgical incisions, while enhancing the visualization and dexterity of the surgeon.

During the operation, the surgeon will stand behind a console and look through two highly specialized 3D cameras that are focused on the surgical site. Using their hands, the surgeon will manipulate surgical tools – or the robot’s “arms” – to perform the surgery. At no time during the operation is the robot in control. Instead, the surgeon is in complete control of the device at all times.

Potential benefits to robotic surgery

The potential benefits of the robotic assisted surgery using the daVinci Surgical System can include:

  • A shorter hospital stay.
  • Reduced pain compared to open surgery.
  • Less blood loss compared to open surgery.
  • Smaller incisions.
  • A shorter recovery time.

Open and robotic surgery are two treatment options for prostate cancer. If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and are interested in a consultation, contact Urology Austin to schedule an appointment.

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