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Things to consider before making a final decision.

A vasectomy is a medical procedure that is meant to be a permanent method of birth control for men. As a result, there are several pertinent questions to ask before scheduling your vasectomy.  Three relevant questions follow.

Questions to Ask Before Scheduling Your Vasectomy

Is the patient and their partner on the same page? Couples who fully agree about the decision to pursue a vasectomy tend to have less regrets after the procedure. If the patient or their partner is feeling unsure about not having more children, they may want to continue using birth control until they are both certain. A vasectomy should be considered a permanent procedure. However, a vasectomy reversal is possible under specific circumstances. The hope of a reversal should not sway whether or not to have a vasectomy.

Are there pre-existing medical conditions that the provider should be aware of? If the patient is experiencing pain in their scrotum, aware of any unusual lumps, or are experiencing prostate issues, they should advise their provider prior to a vasectomy. The recovery period after a vasectomy is usually straightforward, but complications can occur for men who have medical condition such as a hydrocele or pre-existing fibroids. The urologist will be able to determine if the patient is a good candidate for a vasectomy based on his current medical condition.

How would a change in circumstances affect the decision to have a vasectomy? Sometimes the patient’s relationship with their partner will end in separation, divorce or death. In the event that this should happen, would the patient consider having children with a new partner? While these situations may never happen, it is important to consider the future prior to scheduling a vasectomy.

While the above questions are important, there are several more questions to ask before scheduling a vasectomy. If you’re interested in scheduling a vasectomy consultation with one of our urologists, contact Urology Austin.

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