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Targeted prostate biopsy

UroNav Fusion Biopsy SystemThe next generation of prostate cancer detection, the UroNav Fusion Biopsy System, was introduced to Austin, Texas by members of our practice in the fall of 2014. This state-of-the-art technology has dramatically changed how urologists diagnose and treat prostate cancer.

What is a targeted prostate biopsy?

Traditionally, men who had an elevated Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) level or irregular digital rectal exam (DRE), commonly underwent a ‘blind’ prostate biopsy. Essentially, this meant that during the biopsy procedure, a needle removed tissue from approximately 12 quadrants in the prostate. The biopsy was ‘blind’ because the physician was unable to look inside the prostate while performing the biopsy. While an effective method for prostate cancer detection, this approach was limited to analyzing only the tissue that was gathered. Unfortunately, blind biopsies could sample tissue adjacent to a tumor, without actually penetrating the tumor. This meant that detection could have been missed.

How is a targeted biopsy different?

With the UroNav Fusion Biopsy, a patient with an elevated PSA and/or irregular DRE will start by having a Multiparametric MRI image of their prostate gland, as ordered by their physician. This type of MRI is useful in detecting suspicious lesions in the prostate. The MRI image is then fused with an ultrasound image to help pinpoint questionable areas of the prostate for needle biopsy. The UroNav Fusion Biopsy System is the tool that allows physicians to look at the prostate, in real-time, via a 3-Dimensional image on the UroNav’s computer monitor. The 3-D image clearly displays areas of suspicion that require biopsy. This clarity and precision helps eliminate the need to take multiple random biopsies. It also allows the physician to pin-point exactly where they need to biopsy. Additionally, it can also help detect aggressive tumors that may have otherwise been missed.

What are the benefits of the UroNav Fusion Biopsy System and targeted biopsies?

Benefits of the UroNav Fusion Biopsy System include:

  • It gives physicians the ability to more accurately identify and sample areas of suspicion for a more exact diagnosis.
  • An accurate diagnosis helps to better identify the type of cancer treatment required, without overtreating the patient.
  • The UroNav fuses the MRI and Ultrasound images to help physicians see suspicious areas in real-time. It also helps the physician by assisting with their needle biopsy path.
  • Targeted biopsies help to eliminate the need for multiple, random (or blind) biopsies
  • Targeted biopsies may help to detect aggressive tumors that could have been missed with a blind biopsy.

If a primary care, or other physician, has recommended that you have a prostate biopsy, schedule an appointment with one of our urologists to discuss a targeted biopsy using the UroNav Fusion Biopsy system. Likewise, if you have had several ‘blind’ biopsies over the course of time, without solid answers, contact our office.

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