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A penile implant (prosthesis) is used to treat erectile dysfunction, ED in men

For men who have failed oral medication, penile injection therapy, vacuum erection devices (VED) or whom desire a more definitive therapy penile implants may be a reliable choice.

Penile implants come in two varieties:

Semi-rigid devices –  remain rigid and can be bent in different directions to be concealed under clothing.

Inflatable penile implants –  which contain either two or three chambers used to store fluid which causes the penis to remain erect once activated. This form of implant is more common and more closely resembles a normal erection.

What to Expect from Penile Implant Surgery

The insertion of a penile implant is performed by a urologic surgeon in a simple procedure in which the patient is under general anesthesia in either a hospital or ambulatory surgery center. Patients usually stay overnight after the procedure and go home the next day.

The penile implant is usually activated and ready for use after four to 9 weeks.

Is A Penile Prosthesis For You?

Discuss this option with your urologist. Also discuss it with your sexual partner. It’s important that you understand the risks involved with the surgery and the expected outcomes.

Penile implants have a high satisfaction rate and are durable in most cases for many years after implantation. Men usually try oral medication first then either injection therapy or vacuum erection devices. These therapies do not fix the problem in all patients and penile implants may solve the problem.

If you have failed oral medication, injection therapy, or other forms of therapy for erectile dysfunction, talk to a urologist about penile implant surgery.