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Dry Needling at Urology Austin

Do you suffer from pelvic pain? 

Dry Needling may help.  The Urology Austin Physical Therapy team is proud to announce we are now offering Dry Needling as a new physical therapy service.

What exactly is Dry Needling?

Dry Needling is a highly effective form of treatment, backed by scientific research, and has been used in the orthopedic physical therapy setting for decades treating a wide range of injuries and people,

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After Your Prostatectomy

Catheters are the worst.  It’s out.  And now you have incontinence.

The post-operative prostatectomy appointments are interesting from a physical therapist’s perspective.  We get to witness an evolution.  Patients go from fearful to angry to frustrated to hopeful to grateful.  This is the first time we see the patient after surgery and the majority of patients are now cancer-free. 

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Physical Therapy

Probing around

It doesn’t happen nearly as often as it used to, thank goodness, but it still happens.  Patients come to me wanting “that thing that reads what I’m doing, like a video game or something”.  That “thing” is called a biofeedback machine.

There are two types used in the pelvic floor world. 

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Physical Therapy

Ripping Your Skin Off

There is a huge disagreement in the pelvic pain world.  Some people say that you should cause no pain to patients who come to you for treatment of pelvic pain.  The others believe that you should address what is causing the root of pelvic pain in as efficient a manner as possible.  These two viewpoints don’t have to be at odds,

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