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How to choose a urologist to perform your vasectomy.

Having a vasectomy is a big decision for couples. When both parties agree to move forward with the procedure, it is important to find a qualified specialist. The following are suggestions on how to choose a urologist to perform your vasectomy.

Things to consider when choosing a urologist.

Ask for word of mouth recommendations. If you know a family member or friend who has had a vasectomy, ask for their recommendation. If they had a good experience, they will be happy to pass on the name of the urologist who performed their vasectomy.

Online reviews. The internet is a wealth of information on patient experiences. Take time to read testimonials and reviews on various websites. In addition, many practitioners will have patient testimonials on their website. Many times this will give readers an objective view of the patient experience.

Primary care referrals. Ask your primary care doctor for their referral to a qualified urologist. Primary care providers know their colleagues and will be able to suggest a urologist that they trust.

Check qualifications. Many urologists will list their credentials on their website. It is important to trust your care to a qualified specialist that performs vasectomies on a regular basis.

Schedule a consultation. The best way to learn more about a provider is to schedule a consultation. A consultation allows prospective patients to meet the provider, and to discuss any questions they have about the procedure. The consultation is separate from the actual vasectomy. It allows the patient to establish a relationship, review their questions, and take time to come to a final decision.

At Urology Austin, our highly trained urologists perform vasectomies on a regular basis. To learn more about our doctors, visit our provider page to read their individual bios. You can also read patient feedback by clicking here. Schedule a vasectomy with any of our doctors by contacting the Urology Austin office nearest you.