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Natural methods may help lower elevated PSA.

Natural Methods to Lower Elevated PSA

Prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, is a protein produced by prostate cells in men. The PSA test is a screening tool used to gauge the amount of PSA present in the blood. Elevated PSA levels may point to several medical and non-medical conditions. Some of these conditions may benefit from natural methods to lower elevated PSA.

Natural methods to lower elevated PSA

Higher PSA levels are not a cancer diagnosis in and of themselves.  Further evaluation is warranted to determine the underlying cause contributing to abnormal PSA results. While further testing is important, there are natural measures that can help lower PSA levels.

Diet changes: A healthy diet that includes more fruits and vegetables with fewer amounts of meats may result in lower PSA levels.   Excessive dairy products may contribute to poor prostate health.  Eating antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables such as berries, tomatoes and leafy greens, helps protect the body from the damaging effect of oxidation on tissues. Although meats need not be eliminated, switch to  leaner options such as omega-rich fish and chicken. Protecting your prostate health and lowering PSA levels can be as simple as making healthier meal choices.

Exercise: Obesity contributes to many health problems including those of the prostate.  With exercise and weight loss, PSA levels can benefit.

Manage stress: As with many health conditions, stress can negatively affect prostate health and PSA levels. A lifestyle that is balanced and relaxed helps maintain good prostate health.

Aspirin regimens: Some studies have suggested a positive link between aspirin use and prostate health. Talk to your doctor before taking aspirin.

Elevated PSA is a frightening scenario and it’s easy to dwell on negatives such as the cancer risks.  However, by proactively taking natural prevention methods to lower PSA levels, a healthy prostate is an obtainable goal for all men.  For more information on PSA levels and prostate health, please contact us today.

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